1920s Clothing Archive

Featuring Dresses, Cloches and Lingerie from the Deco Era


From the glamorous art deco beaded gowns of New York and Los Angeles to the the modest cotton day dresses of Texas and Oklahoma, the fashions of the 1920s are truly across the board. As a Texas-based vintage shop, a lot of what I find from the 1920s is very understated. I source a lot of modest cotton day dress that have seen much love over the last century. One of the things I find so interesting about these, is the attention paid to mending and repairs. There is often so much care put into keeping a dress alive during hard times and hat in itself, is a work of art.

While cotton day dresses are definitely the "easiest" to find in Texas, I've also sourced a number simple cloches and step-ins over the years. Generally the cloches found here are either straw or velvet, sometimes felt. And the step-ins range in a variety of pastels, whites and creams and are made of either silk or cotton. While I do find more of the stereotypical flapper dresses, for me, they're harder to find because I have to venture outside Texas. I absolutely adore those insanely gorgeous beaded gowns. They're show stopping and rightly so but they're also a rarity in my area. I'll stop my rambling here and let you dive into the Dalena Vintage 1920s Clothing Archive! Hope you enjoy and do let me know if there is anything you would love to see here!


1920s Straw Cloche

1920s Cotton Day Dress

1920s Beaded Evening Dress

1920s Cotton Step-In

1920s Boheme Embroidered Blouse

1920s Crushed Velvet Jacket

1920s Silk Step-In

1920s Chiffon Wedding Dress

1920s B. Altman Day Dress

1910s Silk Cocoon Gown

1920s Embroidered Dress

1920s Day Dress

1920s Shoes

1920s Pajama Set

1920s Crochet Dress

1920s Step-In

1920s Dickey 

1920s Straw Cloche

1920s Cotton Day Dress

1920s Womens Sport Suit

1920s Felt Cloche

 1920s Velvet Cloche

1920s Velvet Cloche

1920s Cotton Day Dress

1920s Wedding Dress Set

1920s Rhinestone Headpiece

1920s Rhinestone Belt

1920s Heavy Silk Dress

1920s Bra & Panty Set

1920s Cloche

1920s Step-In