Dylan & The Mop Top

For some time now, I've been terribly tempted to chop my hair. Oh and that's not all...chop and perm. Yes. Twice the fright!

It has been a decade since I've permed my mane, and actually before that I think a good decade had passed since my first perm experience. (Which I might add was absolutely horrendous! Perming and cutting it all off in the height of your gawkiness does not make for a happy ending.)

And now the reason for my desire...Mr. Bob Dylan.

 Bob Dylan

Topped with the fact that Cate Blanchett portrayed him quite nicely in I'm Not There, I have to say I'm inspired.

Wonderfully carefree isn't it? From Rachel-Sarah B.'s flickr collection. I first stumbled upon her lovely do in this photo on Dep's page.

Yet again, gracefully done and oh so feminine. Perfectly spotted on The Sartorialist