it's all in the name

It's true, yes, I'm hopelessly captivated by those vintage sellers whose photos seem to effortlessly seduce me into their shops. But no, forget not! The name. The title. The screamer. Behold! Headline to article, there's always something to be said for those shops whose words entice grins and giggles in a single line.

A shop I recently came across (and immediately fell in love with) does just this with its nostalgic names.

Thrush is filled to the brim with words reminiscent of women from eras past and uber cute frocks and sunnies to boot!

The Audrey Hepburn Dress

Then there's the Tilted Tulip Vintage whose cutesy clever names allude bits of literature, indie actresses and other lovely thoughts passing through the wind. I admit, perhaps my love is a teensy bit bias as Little Brown Jug just happens to be a song I'm quite fond of! Nonetheless it's a treasure trove of a shop.