Bewitching Braids

Considering I couldn't even put my hair into a decent ponytail until I entered high school, it's no wonder I've always been envious of those girls who seem to effortlessly braid their hair into the most pristine plaits. Whether they're English, French or Dutch I couldn't care. To me, each style is perfectly adorable!

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The style that truly makes me swoon, the one I've never even come close to accomplishing yet alone mastering, is the Heidi-style crown. Now that my hair is actually getting long enough to play with, I'm intrigued and ready to experiment. I couldn't believe my luck when, after perusing several less than thrilling tutorials, I came across this one by Aya over at Strawberry Koi Vintage. And the best part is that se's actually got a whole slew of cutesy, easy-to-follow tutorials. Hello, beautiful hair to come!