Alive and Well

Lack of new blog postings. No fresh pieces in the shop. Complete online absence. Despite what these signs may point to, I am still alive! Just on a bit a of holiday in celebration of my new found independence.

When my brother asked me to join him on a road trip from Austin to Seattle a few weeks ago, how could a sister refuse! And then after thinking about it, I mean, really, how could I get all the way up to Seattle and not visit Vancouver? And then, wait, one night with my best friend in San Francisco just wasn't enough so of course I had to make a pit stop in the city on my way back down to Austin. So here I am, still on holiday in San Francisco, but feeling quite at home in Nancy's cozy kitchen in the Mission. Sipping on Orange Spice Tea and playing catch up to all that I've missed in the past two weeks. Help!

I had grand plans for my road trip. Documenting everything along the way and keeping up the blog but alas, these did not happen. I was absorbed in my books driving through the desert. Searching the atlas for oddly named cities along our route. Got caught up staring out the window all through Northern California and Oregon too. And all the niceties that go along with road tripping sprinkled of course with heaps of cat naps.

So in essence, this is a post to let you know, yes, I still exist in this world. And yes, I'll be back in the swing of things this week!