On a daily basis I spend about zero to five minutes on my hair. And there's nothing about this I desire to change. I really do adore my simple morning routine but sometimes wish I could be a bit more creative with such a small amount of time and patience.

While I was traveling, I took to showering at night and sleeping on wet hair after running a bit of Aveda Smoothing Serum through it. Most mornings I woke with a nice natural bed head look, but every once and awhile after sleeping the wrong way, I would wake looking as if I had some oddly mishaped head. What to do on these unfortunate mornings? Enter the topknot.

Topknot on Style Sightings
Topknot at Erdem Fall 2009 Runway Show
Topknot at Virtual Hair Care

With so many variations, naturally I'm a fan of the tousled yet put together styles. Think Jenni Kayne from last Spring only messier and you'll be right there with me. I'm thinking for today's photo shoot, I'll have a go with my own interpretation. Which actually means, I'm aiming for the look, but with my hair skills we'll see what comes out!

From what I've gathered, I'll have to start with lots of texture in my hair. Apparently Kayne’s models were styled by Ted Gibson  and his own Fix It Gel mixed with a bit of Tame It Shine Lotion. I'll just make do with what product I can find lying around. Then blow dry away sans brush for added texture. (I should have no problem with seeing as I only recently added a brush to my bathroom!) I might even try to add some body with my trusty travel rollers.

Hair prepped and ready, I'll pull it up into a ponytail, tousle it up a bit and fasten it into a bun with a few bobby pins and of course hair spray...Lots of hairspray. So, um, this is the plan. We'll see what happens!

Topknot tips anyone? Or for that matter, speedy styling tips for the hair styling handicapped?