A Family Affair: Granny

About a month ago, I started sorting through old photos and scanning them into my computer with the idea of doing a series on the women in family. I kept putting it off and putting it off, thinking ya'll probably wouldn't be too interested. But alas, I finally pulled a little something together about my Granny during the 1940s. Let me know what you think! She kept a scrapbook filled with neat little wrappers, autograph books, letters and the like.

Dalena Vintage

Anywho here's a bit to start...

In 1937, my Granny left her parents home in Marlin to join her sister Kathryn at the King's Daughters Hospital School of Nursing in Temple, Texas. I always knew she studied there, but only recently discovered the journal she kept during her time in school which was filled with juicy letters from gentlemen suitors I knew nothing about! Apparently she was quite the catch.

I'm debating whether or not to publish the letters on account of, I don't really know if I would want letters from my scrapbox published 60 years from now! I suppose I wouldn't care too terribly much by that time, but we'll see though. I may just end up pulling a few lines here and there. After all, I'm a sucker for the style of writing during that time, and the art of letter writing.

In the meantime, I'll start things off with a few interesting tidbits of her time there...

* While attending nursing school, all the girls were required to live at the hospital where they had a daily curfew. Apparently Granny was always worried because her sister was constantly sneaking in and out with no regard. If you knew Kathryn, chances are you'd be floored to find this out about her!
* On Sundays, a hearse was sent over by one of the local funeral homes to pick up anyone who wanted to attend church. I am imagine this could get a bit depressing, or pretty hilarious depending on how you looked at it!
* Granny always wanted to be a dietician, and her favorite times in school were working in the kitchen. And actually, it was there were she met my Granddaddy who at the time was the milkman. She even kept one of the milk caps in her scrapbook...How cute is that!

Questions...Comments...Am I the only one interested in these? Honesty ladies and gentlemen. Honesty!