Lalala Love and More of Miss Satijn

It's chilly as can be out this morning and I'm having a hard time setting down my cup of tea to get ready for the day. Alas, it's not all bad. Cozy essentially equals time to catch up on blogs and scout the interwebs for whatever tickles my fancy at the moment.

This morning I thought I'd see what one of my favorite stylists, Iris Satijn, has been up too as of late, and came across this video she styled for Room Eleven. The result...Miss Iris' styling is impeccable and darling as always. The red tutu-esque outfit is simple but just about as cute as can be, and I'm basically loving everything about the video from the Dutch yet seemingly French French music to the bits of stop motion. Janne Schra's voice is one of distinct beauty and I'm loving the banjo player. Oh...And the rag time style pianist!

 Charlie Chaplin Styling for Ladies
 Work of wardrobe stylist, Iris Satijn
 Iris Satijn Styling
 Wardrobe styling by Iris Satijn