made in occupied japan

Last year I went to an surprisingly interesting estate sale for a man who had been an ambassador to Morocco in the 1950, 60s and perhaps longer. The folks running the sale told me that most of his belongings had gone off to auction, but amazingly there was still a house filled with treasures. I left with only a few pieces, one of which was a gorgeous silk scarf that was made in occupied Japan.

Honestly, I never would have guessed it was a Japanese scarf. I mean the cutesy deer pattern was quite Western in my opinion. Come to find out, Japan produced heaps of goods from 1945-1952 all tagged with the label "Made in Occupied Japan" or something quite similar, and not everything they manufactured was typically Eastern as they were largely catering to Westerners. Paradox explained!

Made in Occupied Japan

* Vintage felt


from my Great Aunt Vinnie



from Target about six years ago

* Black long sleeve American Apparel scoop neck


* Silk


I picked up at an estate sale

* Red leather


from a market in Bogota from my best friend

* Black opaque


* Payless


from about five years ago