Style Icon | Marianne Faithfull

Here's to Marianne Faithfull and the temptation of fringe. I'm growing my hair out to my elbows but am already so bored. I keep thinking well, if I cut my fringe now, by the time I actually reach the length I want, they'll long be grown out. Oh what a dilemna!

But back to Ms. Faithfull, she's got extraordinary sense of style. The few photos here don't do her eclectic style justice. I mentioned the other day that I'd like to start sporting slimming sweaters topped off with a dainty scarf. Well, she pulls it off perfectly with a gorgeous crochet number. And then there's her standing next to Mick Jagger where, well let's just say his outlandish style easily makes anyone look simple and chic!

Marianne Faithfull

Aside from being girlfriend to Mick Jagger, Marianne was famous in her own right. Landing gigs in coffee houses in the early 1960s until she was, okay yes, essentially discovered at a Rolling Stones launch party. Listen to her sweetly sing her first major release, As Tears Go By, below.