Pin Curls Gone Awry

I've been eyeing Aya's tutorial over at Strawberry Koi on pin curls for a while now. Finally this morning I decided to put my bobby pins to work. Carelessly winding each lock of hair into a loose curl and securing with a bobby pin took about 15 minutes but I thought if I could be patient enough, it would be worth the wait.

Well needless to say, after a few hours I couldn't stand the anticipation, I took them out only to find light socket hair! I definitely couldn't wear my hair down so I threw it into a loose side bun and pinned the loose locks back. In the end, not so bad, I actually quite liked the 1920s frizzy hair look it spontaneously turned into. I took several detailed shots of which I planned on posting so y'all could get a good look, and then experimented a bit with long shutter speeds. The later won...

pin curls gone awry

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