What's to Come

I've been collecting plus size vintage pieces for the past few months, and was planning on doing a nice little photo shoot to launch the start of bigger sizes in the shop. The past couple of weeks, though, I've been a bit antsy in my search for a model. Basically I've had zero luck so this morning I decided to go ahead and shoot a few of the dresses. Ugh. It's true, the photos aren't cohesive with my usual style, but I'm still on the search for one lovely lady! Until then, I present you with...My ever glamorous bedroom wall!

I quickly lost light this afternoon, so only a couple will be in the shop tonight. But don't you fret, what's not up tonight will be there tomorrow! These lovelies range in size from 10-14. Oh...And if you've got advice on how to make these model-less photos more interesting, I love to hear from you!

And I almost forgot...This month I'm trying something new. A little sneak deal for all you gals who support the blog, if there's ever a piece you love in What's to Come, do let me know and I'll be happy to reserve it for you right of the bat!