The 1920s Bra a la Leslie

Combine one part lack of motivation with one part procrastination, and Tuesday's project easily becomes Friday's! I had planned on whipping this up earlier in the week but didn't end up picking up the hankies until yesterday morning and then waited until this afternoon to delve into stitching. So really I'm only a few days behind schedule, not too shabby for someone who is quite talented in the art of procrastination!

Et voila! Here's what happened when I followed that 1920s tutorial on crafting a bra from hankies I posted earlier this week...

1920s Bra Tutorial

The video was not exactly detail oriented, so I ended up straying a bit from the tutorial along the way and doing several alterations to the final piece, including darts to make the cups a bit more shapely. I don't know if you'd ever catch me wearing this as an actual bra, but it is definitely comfy for bedtime!