the 1920s bra

Sometimes, okay quite often, I have no self control when it comes to opening my mouth about something I'm excited about. This morning I was trying to find fashion videos from the 1920s and came across this lovely video tutorial from the 1920s on how to stitch a bra from those two handkerchiefs you've got just milling about in your linen closet. I wanted to wait and post the video along with my own tutorial and photos of my very own finished bra, but alas, I could not wait!

After watching this I wondered, just why exactly are these tiny pieces of fabric laced with ribbon and elastic considered a bra? I mean, after all, they barely seem to offer any actual support!

Lo and behold, after a bit of research, I found out that bras made in the early 1920s were usually hand-stitched from white cotton. Support? Forget about it, they were really no more than a bodice that served to separate your two little ladies. And for those larger ladies, well they often took to bandaging their breasts flat to accomplish that ever-so-stylish boyish figure. Ouch!

I'm saving this little project for tomorrow afternoon and will be sure to post photos and hopefully a tutorial that's a little more detailed. Given my history of procrastination, you better hold me to it!