hats, bridesmaid dresses and a bit of a rant

Dalena Vintage

Good evening! So today is the first day I've actually gotten nervous about the move. It kind of just hit me in a single moment while driving and then there it was...Hello Nashville! Goodbye Austin!

The next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind of craziness. Tomorrow begins finishing alterations on my bridesmaid dress for Saturday's wedding. A dress that was, to no fault of mine, ordered


sizes to big. Side Note: I'm convinced bridal salons are a racket when it comes to sizing. I mean seriously, why is it I can buy a dress off the rack from Target and it fits like a gem, but when I actually have my measurements taken for a custom dress, I still need alterations! And I'm not talking about the minimal it's-just-a-bit-big-in-the-bust alterations. I'm talking about excuse-me-sir-this-dress-is-at-my-ankles alterations! Seriously, puhLEAZE don't take me for a fool Mr. Snooty Dress Man, I will not give in to your trickery. In fact, I will do the alterations myself despite you mocking my sewing skills...Hahaaa! Take that! Whew....Sorry had to get that one off my chest!

Anywho, deep breath, I feel like I've mentally checked out of the city but holy b'jesus, I've still got so much to do! At least I got a bit of shop work done today. Voila...Three adorable 1960s hats soon to be in the