Bits of Love

Remember back when I said I would be doing posts on the women in my family? I did a few on my Granny but they quickly dwindled, and now I am sadly away from all my family photos. Regretfully, I didn't think ahead to actually scan them in so I could have them here to play with. Such a pity as I really loved doing those posts!

On the bright side, however, my mother started her own blog to coincide with her new vintage clothing shop, Deoma's Boutique. What I'm most excited about is that she's going to fill her blog with stories of her childhood along with memories of not only my Granny, but her Granny too! I'm quite excited about this, as I love listening to stories about our family and sorting through our old photos even when I seen so many of them hundreds of times before! I may be partial to like it, seeing as she's my mother and all, but if you like older photos and stories, I think you might like it too.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

 Girl reading under a tree

warm afternoons under the trees
(with a paperback novel in hand)

 House covered in ivy

quaint country cottages
(covered in greenery)

 Chloe listening to records

listening to my favorite records
(in nothing but a t-shirt and dancing shoes)

 Girl swimming

closing your eyes
(and trusting your body to the waves)


lazy days in tall grass
(best spent with a best friend)

photo credits:  pony tail, berkshire757, apartamento magazine, shelbie dimond, ***mary (via Flickr)