A Chilly Spring

They say it's Spring, but I would never know it! The wind was fierce all day, blowing so loudly I could hear it throughout every inch of the house. There was no escaping it, especially when I stepped outside to snap a few photos for Weardrobe's current contest, Put it into Neutral. 

As you can probably tell by the photos, I had a bit of seasonal confusion. All my cool weather clothes are in various shades of browns and tans! My neutral look doesn't exactly scream Spring, but I'm okay with that. It looks like I'll be investing in a few cardigans if I want to wear any of my slinky Summer dresses anytime soon!

modern vintage clothing

* Sheer cream blouse by Love Squared

* Vintage corduroy skirt stolen from the shop...Shhh!

* Vintage leather driving gloves

* Bonnibel pumps

* Thrifted tweed boys jacket