A Clogging Girl at Heart

I'm going to be completely honest with you, I cannot stop watching this video. It claims to be the best bluegrass clogging video ever made, and by golly I have no argument against it! I love it, I really do. I love the open mouths of concentration, the oval framed photos of aged kin, the half-toothed smile of the fiddle player, everything really.

It's made me realize that I need to perfect my clogging now! Commence research on clogging in Washington. I'm sorry, I cringe because that just doesn't even sound right. Clogging in Washington State, really? But seriously, I need to learn. I've been looking for an adult tap class and clogging seems to be in the same genre so I would be happy to find either.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it or not but I am a absolute lover of dance, a sucker for dance in any form or fashion. Like any good Southern girl, I studied ballet and jazz as a little girl growing up. I interned with the Ballet Austin in university, studied classical Thai dance for a heartbeat and even did a little Bollywood performance last year in Austin for SAHELI. But back to my point, clogging. I will take it up, and when I do oh my how I would love to have this little ensemble to perform in! And it will be so good, so very very good.