dujour cover contest

Wishing on sweet tea, cupcakes and delicious fashion? I must admit I am! Substitute for wishing for living and it's seems that is exactly what the folks over at

Dujour Magazine

are doing this very moment. And they've enlisted your help in selecting their next cover. As they said over on their blog, "...nothing means more than the wishes of our readers...So make your wish come true by voting below!" Well I must second that notion. You've got to love a magazine who cares that much about their readers!

Voting is easy as pie. Below you've got yummy eye candy in the form of potential covers. Just leave the number of the cover along with what's going on in that little head of yours in my comment section. Don't forget to jot down the reason for your vote so you won't be left out.

You've got the week to vote, but no dilly dallying! Winners will be announced just before the new issue hits the stands. Oh and how fun is this, if you guess the correct theme of the new issue, you've got a chance at receiving a snail mail goody bag straight from the hearts of Dujour.

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cover 1

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cover 2

cover 3


cover 4

cover 5

I don't know about you, but for some reason each of these images make me want to swim under the pink moon. Perhaps I'll just put a bit of Nick Drake on the record player instead...