guatemayan hats and general whereabouts

Before anyone comments on the beautiful blue skys of Nashville, I must confess, my Nashville move never materialized. I try to keep most of my personal life out of the blog, so pardon me for being short in my explanation. I'll just say this...Two days before I was set to leave, well, life happened and flung me in a completely different direction, in all ways of speaking I suppose you could say. No, I'm no longer Austin nor am I in my expected local, Nashville. I am writing from my new and completely unexpected nest in Northern Washington.

It's quite nice up here and my brother's home couldn't have been a more needed retreat right now. So here, I'll be for the upcoming months. Figuring things out and enjoying everything this area has to offer including the gorgeous view from my new workspace. The ocean, mountains and San Juan Islands. Not to sound cliche, but if you would have told me this is where I'd be a month ago, I never would have believed you.


* Vintage straw Guatemayan


stolen from the shop

* Kimchi & Blue cotton


* Black Final Touch


* Black leather ankle


handed down from my best friend