Just One of Those Days

Scatterbrain. If I was one of those Word-A-Day calendars, this would be my April 26, 2010. Do you ever have those days where you just can't seem to get it together? So much to do but so little focus. Running around from task to task but never actually getting anything accomplished. Writing fragment sentence after fragment sentence.

Yes, well, that is me today and I'm even feeling it as I type this very moment! I suppose it all started when I rolled out of bed and discovered we were out of coffee. Being the addict I am, I slipped on the pair of shoes closest to the door and ran out to grab a cup. PJs and dress shoes with a serious case of bedhead and out for Monday morning coffee. Perfect.

And from there, my day has been one big jumble of things I'm trying to get done. Case in point found below.

dear sun

Only one shot for the post I had planned for today! The weather was quite overcast and a bit dismal on top of that. I really didn't think too many walkers would be out especially if I went at lunch time. But, nope, that was not the case! People kept walking down to the beach and I just couldn't concentrate. I get so embarrassed when people watch me take photos. I really just can't do it! End first photo attempt. Drive home. Begin second attempt. Case in point found below.

.nobrtable br { display: none }

Only three new listings today for the


today! Sorry my loves, I'm just not with it as they say. Off to a Zumba class to try to burn off some of this energy that's making me crazy and go into exclamation overload!