Time to Explore

One thing I am thoroughly enjoying about my life right now is that I'm actually picking up my camera more often. I use it pretty much everyday, but I've gotten into the habit of quickly taking shop photos just to get them over with. The sad thing is, I really and truly love photography and I've seriously neglected it for I don't even know how long. Now that I'm getting more into photographing my daily outfits, I'm trying to take more time to simultaneously get back into photography. Meggstatus (I'm sorry I don't know her real name!) over at Another Day to Dress Up made the comment the other day that "life happens and I'm sure there is a reason behind the unexpected journey to Washington." I couldn't agree more. That's what I've been telling myself and it seems reasons are already beginning to unfold.

little house on the prairie

Silk Dress by Lux
Navy Cardigan by Hi-Lite
Rust Stockings by American Apparel
Bonnibel Pumps
Vintage Cabbie Hat from my Uncle Edmund