twenty-seven names

Overnight my fondness of the New Zealand fashion scene may have bloomed from a little crush into a full-fledged romance thanks to Emma over at

Rag Pony

. While she picks and chooses heaps of international trends to showcase on her blog, she's also got a stash of New Zealand designers up her sleeve that she sprinkles in throughout the week. Of course a girls got to represent, right?

Now quickly, a bit about my lusting. You see it all started last Winter with my admiration of the long regal gowns by

Juliette Hogan

, and the fact she caters to both hemispheres each season. How considerate! Now just a few months later, Winter has passed and I'm fawning over the Spring 10/11 collection, Twelve, from

Twenty-Seven Names

. Have a look yourself, and I'm sure you'll agree...

Twenty-Seven Names Spring 10-11

From pin tucks to pleats, each piece seems so delicate and touched with the detailed beauty I find in so many vintage pieces.


on top of that, each piece seems made for my closet!

Twenty-Seven Names Spring 10-11

I'm also loving the concept of the class portrait they did at Emma's suggestion. Isn't it perfectly fitting? If you take a look at Guy Coombes'


, you can catch a glimpse of the individual


he took for the project, equally stunning I might add.

Now if you're in the mood for a little more New Zealand eye candy, be sure to check out

Juliette Hogan's

latest collection, along with

Karen Walker's

collection of shapely sunnies. And in case you haven't seen enough,

Lonely Hearts

has a beautifully shot video on their site that is completely worth the watch.