armoire d'amour: le blog de sushi

I can hardly believe three months have passed since I did the first post in the

armoire d'amour

series. My how quickly time flies! I had wanted it to be an every other month sort of thing, but things just got so hectic with my move it completely slipped my mind.

Not to worry though, it's started up again and hopefully on a more regular basis! This month I've been ogling over the closet of Aussie blogger Sushi via her aptly named blog

Le Blog de Sushi

where she shares peaks into her wardrobe and daily wears along with street style, inspiration and a whole lot in between.

le blog de sushi

Dalena Vintage: Good morning Miss Sushi! What inspired you to join the blogging world and start Le Blog de Sushi?

Le Blog de Sushi: I had been uploading a few outfit photos on Chictopia and Livejournal but found these kind of communities didn't give me enough freedom. What I really wanted was my own blog where I could set out everything exactly to my liking and write about other things as well, such as what was inspiring me, shopping, outings and projects I have been working on.

DV: Le Blog de Sushi is in its second year! Congratulations on that, do you feel your style has changed since you began blogging?

LBS: Thank you! It seems to have gone so quickly. I think my style has changed a lot since I started blogging. Before I flitted from trend to trend much more but now that I've found a more distinct style I feel much more comfortable with myself and more confident with getting dressed in the morning.

DV: As a graphic designer, do you ever step back and see funny little correlations between your designs and the clothing you wear?

LBS: Yes, actually! I do think my personal aesthetic shows through in both. I'm partial to sleek, pretty, chic, soft things and I think that's definitely reflected in the way I dress and my design work.

DV: Where do you find inspiration in your daily life?

LBS: Once a week I like to go to a bookshop and have a coffee with a friend while I look through Vogue, Frankie, Nylon, Grazia, Russh, etc to see what's going on in the fashion world. I also find other blogs and people I see on the street a great source of inspiration.

DV: Ah, yes! I'm a huge fan of street style myself and love that you do a bit of that on your blog. Currently who are a few of your favorite designers?





are my favourites at the moment. I always find myself drawn to anything Chloe and Miu Miu too, though sadly most of their pretty things are out of my price range.

DV: I completely understand that. But a girl can dream and definitely take inspiration from collections! When you're in the mood to splurge, are you an online or brick and mortar gal?

LBS: Definitely online! I always have my eye on something or other...

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DV: And a few of your favorite shops?

LBS: Asos, eBay, Sportsgirl and Urban Outfitters to name a few.

DV: Blog reading can be so addictive, what are your daily must read blogs currently?

LBS: I've got a giant list, but the ones I'm really inspired by at the moment are





The Cherry Blossom Girl




Le Blog de Betty


DV: Style is such a hard thing to define, but what does it mean to you?

LBS: I agree that it's very hard to define and I'm still considering what it means to me. It's not about putting something on and assuming you look great because you're wearing the latest designer/trend or spent a thousand dollars on it. I think that style comes with being comfortable with who you are and how you look, which then reflects in the way you dress yourself.

DV: What is your favorite piece in your closet at the moment?

LBS: Only one?! Hmmm, probably my new Tony Bianco nude studded heels.

DV: What's on your wish list for this Winter? I almost forgot we're in different hemispheres!

LBS: Lover Madeleine coat with detachable cape, Alannah Hill lace up bow tights, Asos scalloped leather shorts, Zara cat-print dress, thigh high boots, Miu Miu bow bag, Lover About a Girl playsuit/romper, Ferragamo Varina ballet flats... there's more but I'll stop there!

DV: Do you have a "go-to" outfit or a place you go for inspiration when feeling glum?

LBS: I like to curl up in bed in my pajamas with a good book to get my mind of things when I'm feeling sad.

DV: Thanks so much Sushi, for giving us a snippet into your life! Your blog is definitely filled with inspiration in itself and I'm excited to see where it goes this next year!