bits of love

Gathering photos for Sunday's Bits of Love posts is quickly becoming one of my favorite posts to create. The quest for visual delights expressing the simple things I love in life is creeping into my daily being, and I'm finding it's given me fresh eyes and an appreciative heart. It's oh so lovely to see beauty in some of life's quietest moments. How do these make you feel?

drifting away in summer breezes

(and ending up with a windblown mess of hair)

days filled to the brim with laziness

(where even taking off my shoes is a burden)

cozy craftsman style lofts

(filled with DIY loveliness)

waking to blurry sunlight

(and wondering where the day will take me)

settling into a warm afternoon

(with the following checklist: quilt, records, games, cuddles)

parker fitzgerald


sherbert tone


old chum


skeleton marie