Keep on the Sunny Side

As you may have suspected from the title, once again I'm listening The Carter Family, what is my deal! Sadly it's from my computer and not humming from the record player. I've been listening to them so much I guess I really should keep my eyes peeled for some of their records next time I'm out. Noted to self.

But back to it! Last week my cousin and her husband came up for a visit all the way from Texas. From grilling to cheese festivals to hiking, we had such a lovely time and to make things even better she came with an entire extra suitcase of goodies for my me and my brother. Among them, this adorable 1950s gingham dress from my mother's shop,

Deoma's Boutique

. It's a bit loose in the bust but that isn't going to stop me from wearing it out this Spring! I think I've got just about the greatest mother a gal could ask for. Thanks mom!

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it will help us everyday

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always on the sunny side

* Vintage cotton



Deoma's Boutique

* Tan Bonnibel


* Knock-off


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