Summer Straw Hats

Some days I get so terribly excited about my finds that I race home as quickly as can be just to share my delight with you. I'll run in the house, pet the puppy and dart back to my room for the camera. Today was definitely one of those days.

After a lovely morning of running errands, (indeed errand running can be pleasant!) I met up with a friend for a delicious breakfast for lunch over at the Deception Pass Cafe followed by a visit over to my friend's farm in Skagit. So close to Mt. Vernon, I had to stop by just one thrift store. Lo and behold, several summer straw hats were waiting for me, practically begging to be taken home. How could I refuse such a request? Done and done and off I was back home, hands filled with yummy leftovers, a pallet of starter plants from the farm and a few cute hats for the shop. Not a bad day. I'm in deep admiration of the milliner who crafted these details. They couldn't be any sweeter. Now a little more editing and you'll find these 1950s lovelies up in the shop!

vintage 1950s floral hat