a sunny disposition

I'm desperate for a bright and cheery Summer day up here! The overcast skies, constant rain and chilly days are beginning to take a tole on my sunny disposition. In a cry for sunny weather, I photographed these hats today hoping they would take on function over form. And now, looking out my window, I'm catching the tiniest glimpse of blue sky through the clouds. Ah, finally an answer to my wishful thinking.

Oh and I almost forgot, these lovely hats will be up in the


tonight so stop on by if you get the chance.

And on another side note...While trying to date these adorable hats I ran across the following ad from 1947 featuring Portis hats! The black beauty is a Beaver Blend Portis fedora for the record. I actually found another ad where it was featured but sadly couldn't save the image to my desktop. I love it when I come across vintage ads or photos featuring pieces in the shop. Do any of you vintage lovers do feel the same way?