Walk Don't Run

Let's start this evenings blog off with a little guessing game. Are you up for the challenge? Well here it goes if you are...Can you guess the reason behind this sub par photo I've taken below?

The Ventures Record
You: Oh! Oh! You dig their surf rock music and are listening to it at this very moment!?
Me: Well, yes and yes. But also no. Congratulations on being partially right!
You: Hmmm...You finally decided to follow through with your promise of a sleeveface attempt?
Me: Geez, that's not it either but now you're just making me feel bad! Any other guesses?
You: Ok. Well if it's neither of those, then it must be something about that adorable gal on the cover. Am I right?
Me: Jackpot. And oh how right you are!

Here's the story morning glory. I was taking photos of a few pieces for the shop last night when I walked in the living room, only to find myself face to face with that very record seen above. I know, no big deal you're thinking. But that's where you would be mistaken my love.

Instantly, I realized we were wearing the same pants! Me standing in my little living room in 2010. Her posing in a studio in 1960. How neat is that? True they're not exactly the same. Her pants are tan and mine white, but nonetheless I was quite excited about the whole thing. I tend to get excited about the small things though.

Here they are: The pants, the photos and a few new tops for the shop. If now, you find you have a renewed love for those pedal pushers (you know...being they're on the cover of The Ventures album and all) well lucky you. They're already up in the shop and you can snag them if your heart desires.

Hope you liked my tribute shot. That is to say, the one flipping my collar. Oh and tonight, I'm off to run not walk. Thank you lord!