Strawberries & Cream

Today's kitchen project is brought to you by the sweet and delicious fruit of the season, Miss Strawberry. I had things planned a bit differently, ie. not strawberries and cream. However, the thrift store was closed today and I couldn't pick up the jars I needed for Plan A. I suppose I could have headed back to the store, but I'm kind of against buying new jars when I can get perfectly good ones at the thrift store. That said, I decided I would have to save my canning project for tomorrow.

When I came home though, I had a flat of fresh strawberries staring at me, begging to be nibbled. I had to do something with them in the meantime. With all the cream I've been keeping in the fridge lately for butter, I decided to fix myself up a little evening snack.

Strawberries and Cream
Strawberries and Cream

Looks pretty tasty, right? If you're curious, here are the easy steps for making this delicious snack a reality.

  • Rinse your strawberries, chop off the tops and cut into quarters.
  • Pour the heavy whipping cream into a bowl with a spoonful of sugar (or two!) depending on sweet you like your cream.
  • Whisk until the cream becomes stiff and you can make little peaks.
  • C'est fini! You can put your strawberries in a bowl and top with the whipped cream or serve it up parfait style like I did, simply by layering.

Voila! A simple summer treat. Now that you know my original plan involved canning, stay tuned for tomorrow's post. I'll give you a hint...It involves tea time.