Three Days

Lemons. Water. Cayenne. Maple Syrup. Sea Salt. All ingredients lead to...The classic lemonade fast. Yes indeed, I've finally committed! It's been a good four years since I've done a juice fast, too long in my opinion. That is, at least, for my body. Here's my disclaimer ya'll: Everybody is different and I wouldn't recommend fasting for everyone but for me it's energizing, mind clearing and a small lesson in discipline.

Master Cleanse

My body has been asking for quite some time now, "When are ya going to give me a rest?" Seeing as the next few days are free and clear before I leave for Austin this weekend, it's the perfect fasting nook. I'll be doing a bit of blogging, watching over the recovering puppy and easy walks in Washington Park.

Last time I did this I had the warm sun shining over me on a beach in Thailand so we'll see how substituting the lovely grey skies blanketing me at home in Washington goes. I'll spare you the icky details of the salt water flush and try to hide the crankiness I'll most likely feel come Thursday, but ask away if you have questions. And if you've had experiences with juice fasting, I would love to hear about it.