Turn of the Century Texas

Once again, my love for Edwardian fashion had me sifting through old family photographs over the weekend. I came across a few more photos of my family in Texas from 1900-1910 including the other half of a photo I had posted a year or two ago.

Texas 1900s

Above. My great grandfather, Grandaddy Ward, with his brothers and sisters along with my great great grandfather at their home near Stranger, Texas around 1910. Although I never knew Grandaddy Ward, I know a lot about him through family stories.

On nights spent at my grandparents as a little girl, my cousin and I used to fall asleep to the stories my Granny would tell. Often they were about her childhood but sometimes they would include those she was told by her grandaddy as a child. Although the details are faint to me now, one was the tale of how they came to Texas from Alabama in a covered wagon. My mom added a few details this afternoon, telling me that it happened about 15 years prior to this photo and that in order to cross the Mississippi, they had to load the wagon onto a barge.

Texas 1900s

Above. My great grandmother, Granny Ward, with her sisters and my great great grandparents, all of whom were born and raised near Stranger, Texas. I got to see this house once when I was little, although it was already in shambles by the time my Granny took us out there.

Texas 1900s

Above. My great great aunt, Aunt Chesney, washing a kitten with well water in the photo on the left, and just hanging around the yard in the photo on the right.

Yes, there is the simple fact that I find fashion of this period lovely from an aesthetic point of view. But I think I'm also intrigued by its simplicity in design and practicality in use. It was crafted in such a utilitarian way that here we are over 100 years later, finding pieces still in tact many of which are perfectly suitable to wear today. How amazing is that!?