A Family Affair | Granny Ward

My blog has been on the back burner for quite some time now. It hasn't been intentional by any means. I've just been unbelievably busy and at a loss with what direction I want to go. Now, in looking back at what I've written in the past, I've decided a couple of things. The first being that I don't really need a direction! I've always just really enjoyed having an outlet to post interesting tidbits, simple recipes, shop updates and bits and pieces of my family history. The second being that I would like to bring back a couple of features including A Family Affair, a series I started about the women in my family. So here's a bit on the wedding of my great grandmother, Iva Deoma Glover Ward (Granny Ward).

It was the evening of Wednesday, November 6, 1912 just around 8 o'clock in the evening. Buggies came in from all around the Rocky area which was near the old Fairfield church and Little Brazos school. These days and even growing up, old stories are often told in around wheres and over nears. So many of the places in those stories have since fallen down, been torn down or communities simply dissolved.

The wedding itself took place on the front porch of Granny Ward's parents house. It was built by my great great grandfather and according to my great aunt had a huge wrap around porch as many old Texas houses do. I would love to see these photos of the home but I don't know that any exist.

We do, however, have pieces from Granny Ward's dress, her cameo necklace and wedding bracelet, the vest Grandaddy Ward wore, a newspaper clipping and several portraits taken on their wedding day. That said, I guess I'm pretty lucky to have that much!

Iva Deoma Glover 1912 Bride Vintage Postcard 1912

The above is Granny Ward on her wedding day. I wore the cameo in these Edwardian Love photos taken last year, and will definitely find a way to incorporate it into my wedding. On a side note, photos should still double as postcards! Don't you think?

Vintage Wedding Lace

The best part of that clipping has to be the description of Granny Ward, "...one of the fairest flowers of this community." Such decadent description for a newspaper! The fabric and lace pieces on the right are what remain of her dress.