Family Tintypes

Over the past few months, my fondness for tintypes has grown exponentially. Internet free-time usually ends in a Google image search for tintypes or a dive into a Civil War historical photo archive. Needless to say, when I came across a stack of family tintypes in an old briefcase at my grandmother's house a few weeks ago, I was ecstatic. Not only was it filled with photos, but old historical family records; Revolutionary Era land deeds and lawsuits along with documentation of the move Texas just after the Civil War. Many of the stories I had never heard before.

These are most of the photos, I wasn't able to scan a few of them but perhaps I'll save those for another post. It's amazing to think these tintypes have survived over 150 years. If you look closely at one of the photos, the date 1861 is embossed on the paper frame. They've traveled from Alabama to Texas via covered wagon, passed through the hands of six or seven generations, been stored who knows where and are now residing safely in the home of my parents.

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