A 1930s Dress Ventures Out Into Texas

Finally! I got to go on a little adventure today with my husband, my corgi and a borrowed 1930s dress from the shop today. We've had a new (reliable) ride for almost three months now but it's the first free Saturday we've had together free all year! So of course I wanted to venture out and do a little sightseeing combined with photos for the shop. 

The last time I spent the night with my great aunt, she had mentioned a spot that she thought I would like to see. I'd been wanting to check it out ever since she mentioned it. With her in my thoughts today, it seemed like the perfect day to explore the area. 

I've got several photos to share but I thought I'd start with this lovely 1930s dress that been resting in the shop for awhile now...She's a sweet little dress don't ya think!?

 Adventuring in a 1930s dress, much like it was worn in the 1930s!
 The great state of Texas and a 1930s dress from Dalena Vintage.

Ready for more photos from my weekend adventure!? Come back next week! Or if you really can't wait, you can check out sneak peeks on Instagram.