Top 10 Edwardian Era Beauties

Evelyn Nesbit

Gaining popularity parallel to the advent of fashion photography in the early 20th century, Evelyn Nesbit is often referred to as the world's first supermodel. Her face was ubiquitous during the Edwardian Era and was often seen on postcards, tobacco cards and calendars.

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 Edwardian beauty, Evelyn Nesbit

Lily Elsie

Lily Elsie entered in to the public eye in one quick swoop on the evening of June 8th, 1907. Overnight audiences attending her play The Merry Widow couldn't get enough, and she quickly became one of the world's most photographed and publicized women. Despite her highly publicized persona, Elsie was quite shy and after only a couple years she stepped off stage opting for a quieter life.

 Edwardian beauty, Lily Elsie

Evelyn Laye

Evelyn Laye was British actress who performed on the stages of London's opera scene, and later in life took to performing in New York and Hollywood.

Minnie Brown

Minnie Brown was an  actress and singer in the early part of the 20th century. Minnie was a member of the Williams & Walker Vaudevillian troupe and spent most of 1902-1918 entertaining across Europe, Russia and the Far East. 

 Edwardian beauty, Minnie Brown

Marie Doro

Julia James

 Edwardian beauty, Julia James, photographed by Bassano in 1914.

Vera Kholodnaya

 Edwardian beatuty, Vera Kholodnaya

Aida Overton Walker

 Edwardian beauty Aida Overton Walker

Maude Fealy

Maude Fealy got her start as an actress during the silent film era but unlike many of her contemporaries her career continued on into the talkie era.

Geneviève Lantelme

French stage actresssocialite, fashion icon, and courtesan. Considered by her contemporaries to be one of the most beautiful women of the Belle Epoque and bearing a resemblance to American actress Ethel Barrymore.