Vintage Ice Skating Outfits Over the Years

Stuck inside today because of a rare ice storm, I went down a wormhole that began with the keywords vintage ice storm. Not surprisingly, I was quickly sucked into the realm of vintage photos featuring women ice skating and their insanely adorable outfits. Sharing them here for your viewing pleasure!

 Girls ice skating in the 1920s. I absolutely adore their outfits!
 Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman ice skating in the 1940s.
 Vintage photo of a woman ice skating.
 Vintage ice skating in the splits.
 A woman and girl ice skating in the 1930s or 1940s. So stylish!
 Lucille Ball in the most adorable ice skating outfit I've ever seen. I want it all!
 A perfect 1920s ice skating scene!
 Ice sailing?
 Lucille Ball in a darling ice skating outfit. I love her pilgrim-style hat!
 Girlfriends ice skating in the 1940s. Don't you just love their outfits?
 Winter whites on the frozen pond!