DV Field Trip | Florence, Texas

 Leslie of Dalena Vintage exploring a small farm in central Texas.
 Baby goats are the cutest! This little guy is just days old.
 Exploring Texas backroads on a DV Field Trip.
 Baby goats, just days old, on a small farm in central Texas.
 A miniture pony on a small farm in central Texas.


  • Chunky Cow Cafe and Creamery is a yummy place to grab a bit on Main Street. I had the Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich which was delicious but according to my friend there's not a bad item on the menu!
  • Andice General Store located in yup, you guessed it, Andice, claims to fix the world's best burger. Although I can't tell you personally, I have heard from friends they're pretty darn tasty.
 Leslie of Dalena Vintage out on a DV Field Trip exploring central Texas.
 Fresh eggs on a small farm in central Texas.
 Swirl head on a baby goat! 
 Polish chicken on a small farm in central Texas.

DV Field Trips is a mini series featuring the places I explore around Texas, both as part of the DV vintage hunt and for my own personal pleasure. While I'm hoping it'll be a place where folks can get inspired to get out and explore this great state, it's mostly just an outlet for me to share my passion for history, travel and small town Texas. Follow along here or if you're on Instagram travel with us by searching #DVFieldTrip. Is there a place in Texas you love or would like to know more about? Send us an email - we're always looking for places to explore! In the meantime, enjoy!