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Each time I check my email or social media and find someone has sent photos of themselves wearing our vintage, I can't help but smile. For me, seeing the adventures our pieces are taken on after being purchased is half the fun. Not only is style an interpretation of oneself, I feel it tends be a reflection of how one views and interacts with the world as well, and witnessing that through our customers is just so neat.

This morning I noticed some increased web traffic coming from Into the Woods, a blog run by photographer and vintage lover Alexandra Gault, and a click later found one of our 1950s summer dresses featured in her latest post. Living in Texas, the transition between summer and fall is always a weird one. It's hot. It's cold. It's wet. It's dry. The only thing that is truly predictable is the unpredictability of it all. Around this time of year, it seems my wardrobe doubles for a month or two as I pull out my fall and winter wardrobe while holding off on packing up my summer clothes. I love that Alex has taken a summer dress and styled it for fall, mixing pieces from both seasons to great effect. 

 Styling vintage dresses for fall with Alexandra of Into the Woods.
 How to Style Vintage Fashion
 How to Style Vintage Clothing. A Dalena Vintage summer dress styled for fall via Into the Woods.
 Styling vintage clothing for fall via Into the Woods
 How to Style Vintage Fashion via Into the Woods
 Styling vintage dresses from Alexandra of Into the Woods

Earlier this week, I was introduced to the new book Women in Clothes through a post on Domestic DeborahThe book, edited by Sheila HetiHeidi JulavitsLeanne Shapton and Mary Mann, consists of interviews with more than 600 women and delves into the true meaning of style. It focuses on the whys behind the way we dress and discusses how women present themselves through the clothes they wear. The accompanying website includes a survey featuring all of the questions used, and although I haven't taken it yet, I plan to answer a few later today and eventually dive into their archive of surveys.

On that note, what does style mean to y'all? We love hearing from you and love seeing the different ways our vintage is styled. Share your DV style by emailing us a photo, or tagging us on Instagram or Twitter with #DVGal.