For the Love of Floral

The state of Texas is currently in full bloom. For me, that means getting out and driving on backroads and old highways to take in all the beauty that seems to have sprung up overnight. Buttercups are quite possibly my favorite Texas wildflower, but I'll take whatever I can get! If you're out searching for flowers and feel overwhelmed (i.e. want to identify them but can't), Gary Regner Photography has a useful wildflower index where you can search visually by color. 

Apologies for the super cheesy transition, but do you know what else is in bloom? Our shop!  Yes, ma'am, it's true. I suppose everyone's officially tired of the crazy winter weather that's hit the north this year, because our vintage floral dresses are being snatched up like hotcakes! Below are a few of our favorite floral pieces currently in the shop - check them out here or shop our selection of vintage floral prints directly!

 Texas buttercups. Photo by Nicole Mlakar.
 1940s Floral Dress by Dalena Vintage
 Vintage 1940s Day Dress
 Lazy Days. Photo by Nicole Mlakar.
 Vintage Floral Print Dress
 Vintage Floral Blouse
 Vintage Floral Dress by Dalena Vintage. Photo by Nicole Mlakar.
 Vintage 1950s Floral Print Dress
 Vintage 1960s Floral Print Dress
 Vintage Floral Print Dress
 Spring! Photo by Nicole Mlakar.
 Lazy spring day in fields of buttercups. Photo by Nicole Mlakar.

Product Photos by Dalena Vintage. All other photos by Nicole Mlakar.