In 1942, I Said I Do

After a whirlwind courtship and postcard proposal, my grandmother boarded a Greyhound bus in October of 1942. She traveled from Texas to South Carolina to meet my grandfather for just two short days. The purpose of her trip? Well, to get married, of course.

She used to tell me the story every so often and I always got a good laugh. The photo below pretty much explains it all. It's of Gigi, Papa and Robert Jones of Los Gatos, California. I say Robert Jones of Los Gatos, California because it feels unnatural to say it any other way. Never once did I hear my grandfather mention his name without that full introductory line. Oh and did he talk about him!

1942 wedding portrait

Gigi's trip was pretty much a whirlwind here/there/goodbye trip. She arrived in Florence, went to the hotel where Papa was staying to change and immediately headed to the court house with my Papa and Robert Jones.

One short and sweet ceremony later, they were married with just a single afternoon to spare before Papa was deployed. Whatever to do? Naturally, Gigi had planned on spending the day with Papa...Alone. However over lunch, discussions were had on how to spend the rest of the afternoon and Robert Jones just kept chiming in on what they should do. Yes, what they  should do, as in the three of them collectivelly.

Gigi always used to laugh and say, "We just couldn't shake him."  But really, who could blame him? After all, he was in a town where he knew only my Papa and was heading off to war the next morning. As much as Gigi and Papa really just wanted some alone time, I think they both understood this, and finally decided to spend their honeymoon afternoon at the movie theater with none other than...Mr. Jones.

 photo courthouse-florence-south-carolina_zps35b3b9db.jpg

Gigi was an avid collector of postcards. (Hmmm...I wonder why!) Needless to say she snagged a postcard of the Florence Court House where they were married.

Vintage Western Union Telegram

After the wedding, my grandmother wired her sister the news (Shown Above). Being the busy body she is I don't think she waited as they were flooded with congratulatory telegrams to their hotel (Shown Below).

Vintage telegrams

My great grandparents sent out a wedding announcement after the fact (Shown Below.) And yes, they did manage to take a portrait without Robert Jones.

vintage wedding announcement
1942 bride and groom, south carolina

The next morning, Papa and Robert Jones went off to the Aleutian Islands, and Gigi boarded a bus back to Texas where she immediately moved in with her mother-in-law. I'm not sure how many months passed before they saw each other but the letters, postcards and words of love picked right back up.