In Shop Inspiration | Hat in Hand

I have a penchant for vintage hats. Is it true they're not a big seller, you ask. Yes, actually, it is true! They used to sell like hot cakes but now, not so much. Why that's the case, I can't quite say. Regardless, I continue to snatch them up for the shop here and there, hoping someone else will engage me in my adoration. In hopes of peeking the interest of others, we made a little video with a few of our favorites from the shop. And now a drumroll for the first video we've ever made and probably the fastest shoot/edit/post at that. Enjoy!

Well, what did you think of our debut video!? We're game for more if you are! And game for putting more energy and effort into as well. In the meantime, take a look at a few of the adorable hats we've currently got for sale in the shop below or flat out shop our full selection of vintage hats!