In Shop Inspiration | Summer Blouses

At long last our DV Field Trips are becoming a regular thing! I've been wanting this to happen for some time now but life so often throws you what it wants, much of which can be crazy, and I haven't had the time or focus to go above and beyond. As summer ends, things are beginning to calm down and I've been able to get back into a steady routine both in my personal life and in the shop. I've been able to put more focus on the things I've actually been wanting to do for Dalena Vintage. Things that I've put on hold for one reason or another or even ideas that just never left my mind.  

Last week we went out with friend and photographer Nicole Mlakar for a bit of exploration. I used to do this solo all the time back when the shop was just a hobby. Even when Nicole and I were starting our friendship, it was something we did regularly but somewhere along the way we got too busy and stopped going as frequently and eventually altogether. Alas, we're back at it and I'm feeling committed to these day trips as they give me such a necessary break from the daily product photography, editing and cleaning of vintage that admittedly becomes mundane. 

 Vintage 1970s top from Dalena Vintage.

Valerie Rose Top

1970s terrycloth top /// Size XS/S /// $32

 Vintage 1970s terrycloth top from Dalena Vintage

Violetta Top

1970s purple top /// Size M/L /// $28

 Vintage 1970s striped top from Dalena Vintage

Dalton Cashmere Sweater

1960s cashmere sweater /// Size L /// $68

 Vintage 1970s top from Austin vintage clothing shop Dalena Vintage.

Rhoda Ruffle Blouse

1970s Rhoda Lee blouse /// Size L /// $32

Product photo by Dalena Vintage
All other photos by
Nicole Mlakar