Instacap | October Scenes

As it's almost time to say goodbye to October, I find myself wondering where the month has gone. We practically blinked our eyes and now here we are at the month's end. How is it that every month this year seems to pass even more quickly than the last? I really can't believe it!

Although it's been a quiet month in regards to shop happenings, it's been a simultaneously busy one as we've been ramping up the amount of daily vintage we're adding to the shop. While that may not seem too time consuming, it's a lot more time spent buying, laundering, mending and photographing, all the while trying to maintain a sane, semi-organized studio. Here's what the month looked like through our Instagram lens, slimmed down to a few favorites. Follow us @DalenaVintage to find out what we're up to as it happens. It's definitely the best place for sneak peeks from the shop!

 Fall festival via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Vintage 1960s dress via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Mushrooms via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Vintage bow tie via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Vintage family photos via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Vintage dress details via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Jonathan Logan vintage label from a 1950s holiday dress
 Foraged flora via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Vintage Leighton label via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Vintage quilt via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Black and white portrait via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Fall Harvest via @DalenaVintage Instagram
 Vintage 1960s Lanz dress from Dalena Vintage
 Antique photo album
 Vintage over-sized bow on a 1950s dress