Introducing Dalena's Attic

We've been hosting a small InstaShop for a while now called Dalena's Attic. It's a little shop on Instagram featuring beautiful vintage overflow from our main shop Dalena Vintage and pieces in need of some tender loving care. The  prices are pretty much unbeatable so if you're on a budge it's the best place to shop for new vintage additions to your wardrobe. Head on over and give us a follow @dalensattic

How to Shop:

  1. Follow us on Instagram @dalenasattic and search our available vintage on Instagram with the hashtag #DVAttic
  2. To purchase, comment with your email address and country in the post labeled "FINAL PHOTO".
  3. We'll send you an invoice via Paypal. 
  4. Pay within 12 hours and you're set! We'll send you tracking information as soon as your package goes out! Easy peasy!

Below are a few of the vintage gems we've listed over the last few days. If you would like more details, simply click the photo and we'll take you straight to the listing! Happy shopping!