Lookbook | Roadside Attraction

Many photos would be taken, so we thought. Thankfully, for my own well being, our holiday was interrupted with lack of cell service and a forgetfulness of the rest of the world.

Recently, I took the longest holiday since jumping on the full-time Dalena Vintage wagon two and a half years ago. Ten days of holiday. Ten days! It may not sound like much, but to me it was a welcome oasis of relaxation and nature. A time to be carefree, a feeling I often felt before taking Dalena Vintage on as a full-time venture.

I talk a lot about how lucky I am to run my own business. How lucky I am to be my own boss, and how great it is to have such unadulterated freedom in the workplace. But too often these days, I've felt the polar opposite. Not only have I felt completely tethered to my job, that I've been working myself to no end and no gain, I've simply felt uninspired. It's as if I've lost the freedom I have always held close, that freedom that I once thought I had gained with self-employment. 

I'm not sure where it went. Somewhere...Somewhere I cannot see at the moment. My gut tells me it probably stems from being a one woman show past the point one woman can actually handle but I can't say for sure.  Perhaps a show in need of an all star cast but financially hasn't reached that point yet. Soon, hopefully soon, I'll reach a point where the shop can afford a second employee. If not, well, I can't really say right now. In the meantime, I'm thinking back on a couple of weeks ago where life seemed easy and all within it attainable. 

Photography | Jade Tree Photography
Wardrobe Stylist |  Leslie Torbett
Wardrobe | Dalena Vintage