Summer's End Melancholia

As promised yesterday, here is the second set of photos from last week's afternoon adventure with Nicole. The long and seemingly lazy days of summer are possibly my favorite days of the year. Season changes always seem to fill the air with an edge of excitement and new life, but for some reason the summer to fall change always comes with a bit of melancholia for me. Perhaps I dwell on the goodbye more than focus on the hello.

Now for the real question. As an adventurer, I'm always seeking new places to explore. Are there parts of Texas you recommend or corners you'd like to see through our eyes? Let me know in the comments below. I would love advice, comments, requests, whatever you have to offer!

 Photographing 1930s vintage dresses. Photo by Nicole Mlakar.
 Last days of summer with Dalena Vintage. Photo by Nicole Mlakar.
 Those lazy summer days are quickly coming to an end. Photo by Nicole Mlakar.
 Vintage 1930s dress. Photo by Nicole Mlakar.
 So much love for vintage dresses. Photo by Nicole Mlakar.
 Vintage polka dot dress from the 1930s. Photo by Nicole Mlakar.

Photos by Nicole Mlakar.