Out and About and Such

I know it may not feel like it in many places but here in Austin the weather has coaxed me into thinking we're in the midst of spring. While that's about to change with rain and cooler weather headed this way today and tomorrow, I was more than happy to enjoy it while it was here. From picnics in the park and lounging by rivers and springs to lunchtime hikes and afternoon day trips, it got me dreaming of all the things I love to do when it's just warm enough and the sun is happily shining down. I'm lucky to live in a city where all of these things are easily within reach, where I can take just an hour or two out of my day to get out and enjoy nature, letting it wash away my anxieties and stresses. 

A few weeks ago, I took a day trip over to Colorado Bend State Park with my friend, Nicole, to explore Gorman Falls. The drive itself was about an hour and a half from Austin and the hike down to the falls was about a mile, I think we were both a little disappointed that we couldn't get close to the falls (hence no waterfall photos below). Nonetheless, I was happy to get out of town and do a little hiking. For me, drives out of town are relaxing in themselves, and I'm just as happy getting in the car with no destination in sight as I am with a final destination in focus. 

Photos by Nicole Mlakar
Dress via Dalena Vintage