Saucy Snapshots from Yesteryear Vol. 1

I have what I like to think is a healthy obsession with old photos. Thankfully Pinterest came along when it did, giving me a good outlet for finding and sharing vintage images. While I pin loads of daily inspiration over there, I thought it would be fun to share a handful of my favorite images here on the blog each week, namely those of sassy women being awesome. Today's post comes to you on a Monday because I couldn't wait, but I'm thinking of making this a regular Friday or Saturday post, more of a "what I've found this week" kind of post. Enjoy!

Saucy women of history, 1920s
Edwardian women playing ball
Saucy Snapshots. Three women, a car and a gun, 1920s.
Photobooth images, 1930s
Massaging to reduce swollen eyelids, 1910
Walker Evans, Woman in a Courtyard, 1933
Vintage photo of a woman on her motorcycle.
Sassy vintage gal
Vintage photo of Ginger Rogers
Vintage photo of a woman dancing

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