Saucy Snapshots from Yesteryear Vol. 3

Happy Halloween, y'all! This week's Saucy Snapshots from Yesteryear is, of course, Halloween inspired. While they may be too late to bring inspiration for costumes this year, I'm sure you'll enjoy their strangeness regardless. My favorite has to be the radio queen in the second photo. Hard to believe that it's from 1939, seems a little risque for the time! Which one is your favorite?

 Vintage Halloween airplane costume
 1939 radio queen costume
 Vintage Halloween costume inspiration
 Vintage Halloween costumes, a gnome and mushrooms
 Vintage Halloween tintype
 Vintage Halloween costume from around 1910
 Creepy vintage Halloween photo
 Vintage Halloween costume
 1920s girls dressed up as spider webs for Halloween
 Vintage Halloween photo

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